Note: Some of these are old, nightmare fuel or plain weird.

Note 2: This is not about THAT Minecraft YouTuber.

Note 3: This section was inspired by someone.

1. I am in something, and I've fallen into a hot sauce. What.

2. I have a mobile phone (not real) that have Snapchat and has more filters that was never added by the team.

3. Got trapped in an MMD world.

4. In a white place. I just wanted to go to something, but my mom wouldn't let me go and want me to look at the shark that looks like he is coming to me.

5. My old channel (the one that i made in 2018) got hacked by some blue Gachatubers.

6. No gravity in a weird places full of little decorations.

7. In a school, I meet This Man.