Random shit (i don't know)

Baldi takeover Going to be my scrapped 404 page.
Bad SVG Animation CRAZYREDCIRCLE. I made it with a SVG animation maker.
THEY'RE FLYING!!! Serious PPG stuff. I stole the template from, maybe, W3School.
Bitsy Made with Bitsy.
Winamp Just a library with hundreds and hundreds of music that I downloaded it illegally. I downloaded these because 1. I found it catchy, and 2. it's popular
The Surrender I don't know to explain this Emoji thing.
That's Not Good Another Emoji experiment..
Gifypet Random Gifypet game...

Wikis (i swear that if one of these was closed, that was delisted)

Neave.TV Wiki
Wiki with info about a website without context.
Neave Interactive Wiki
Like Neave.TV Wiki but non-TV only pages.
ErrorFixinger Wiki Prepare for random crap. Used to be boring shit.
ErrorFixinger Transcript Bla bla bla
Windows Parodies Wiki Error: Cannot create a great page.
Random, Stupid and Blablabla Some real and fake stories, as well as timelines.

Other sites (um...)

This is my first shitty website, made in 2018. Regretted.
Google Site Less content than my you're-here site, but thankfully I liked the Art section...

People People People (listing out my interested people's works for crying out loud!)

David O'Reilly
The Irish. (warning: sexual and violence content. in case you didn't know, i didn't remember using the photo with a cat having a vagina in the Genki one. sorry.)



Another Assassin Just like Newgrounds Assassin in the 90s, but worse.
Peachiphobiax fan site This website love a cute artist.
TheTekkitRealm hate site Would be the same as the previous but against a faker, a liar, a clickbaiter, and a fool.
Neave.TV Clone Including all neave.tv videos and removed videos (excluding Public Brand Study, and some of the removed videos is closed as being in the early version).
My SWFs Mostly made in 2019. Oh crap.
Exported Bookmark I don't need these to be lost.
French version Pourquoi?