Chosic - Find similar songs, playlists with your favorite songs, random songs, and maybe more.

Discover Quickly - It's great because it has audio preview. (Spotify required)

1001 albums you must hear before you die - An unofficial website based on a book.

1001 Albums Generator - It's the previous one, but gave a random album every day.

Every Noise at Once - Find similar artists, and artists by genres.

RYM Ultimate Box Set - Music recommendations by your favorite genres! Probably one of the best RYM lists.

Bleep - A store by Warp Records. I don't care about buying musics, tbh.

Radiooooo - Listen to musics from your favorite country. The music I got at the page creation was 'Nancy Sit — Venus' (i forgot the title, so I swear it's this one.). France? Selecting a random year, and I got 'Benjamin Diamond - In Your Arms', a song I know more than Nancy Sit.

/mu/'s Essential Charts - Essential albums on a 4chan board. Warning: You may not like some charts.

1000 Albums You Should Hear While You're Still Alive - The Canon, The Suite, The Complement (all three for the essentials), The Gems (for the underrated/obscures), The Beast (for the metal), The Patchwork (for crazy genre fans) - A really great list that is similar to the 1001 Albums book.

Hard Wax - Some underground electronic musics.

0x40 Hues - What do you get when you cross anime girls, visuals and electronic/techno music?

Twgeema's Best Electronic Albums of All Time - Each year, popular electronic albums.

1000 Albums Daft Punk Fans Might Enjoy - It's in the title; 1000 albums for DP fans (including me) (wip). List for tracks (again, wip)

Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music - A decent guide to electronic music. (warning: some satire)

Daft Punk Tracker - Daft Punk's obscure/unreleased songs.

The Daft Punk Historian - Discographies, music videos, histories, links and more.

1000 Electronic Albums To Hear Up And Down - Over 1000 electronic albums. Yeah?

808 electronic albums ranked

Electronic Music Resources - "For Those who Know a LOT and SHARE a lot." - TheScientist

Guide to Electronic Music : Timeline and Styles - Again, it's in the title.

Top 300 Electronic Artists

Top 300 Hip Hop Artists

500 Hip-Hop albums you should listen to

Top 1000 Rock Artists

Important labels

Ed Banger - French electronic. Fave: DJ Mehdi, Cassius, Mr Oizo, Justice, Busy P, SebastiAn

Ninja Tune - Great electronic label. Fave: Bonobo, Amon Tobin, Mr Scruff, Hexstatic

Warp Record - Another great electronic label. Fave: Prefuse 73, Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus, Boards of Canada, LFO, Jamie LIdell, Jackson and his Computerband

Astralwerks - Fave: The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Jacques Lu Cont, Lemaitre, Empire of the Sun

Brainfeeder - Fave: Thundercat, Teebs, Tokimonsta

XL Recordings - Fave: Radiohead

Roche - Fave: Darius, Cherokee, FKJ