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Some of the links were from my bookmark folder.


Background Archive - Classic backgrounds for your 90-style website.

Aleix Pitarch - Website of a director based in Catalonia.

AlbinoBlackSheep - Remember these classic games and cartoons?

Historic Borders - What countries on earth looked in years?

Gravity Points - It's like a blackhole.

Killed by Google - Products that got shut down by Google. WHY?!

Andre Michélle Lab - Flash experiments by a German.

National Film Board of Canada - Discover films by the Canadians.

Killed by Microsoft - The company who made a software I'm using (Windows 11, it's formerly 10) also closed these products!

Nitter - Twitter, but no login pop-up shit. You also can't get tracked on this one.

No fat clips!!! - Some of the short films from years up to 2009.

Input Delay - Simulate the annoying lag. And yes, it's annoying. FUCKING annoying.

Whitney Biennial - Some of the weird Flash art.

Incorrect Quotes Generator - Louka000: If you can’t beat them, dress better than them

Fluid Paint - It's Paint.net (or Microsoft Paint) with fluids.

Noclip - Discover the world of 3D video games.

Superbad - Random shit. My favorite is this one.

Vole.wtf - The project was made because the internet was stupid.

The Cube Rule - Chocolate is a salad, end.

Windows 93 - An early version of Windows 95?

French Waves - History of French Touch.

Flong - Experiments made by Golan Levin.

Flags of the World - Flags.

Fake Flag - Mix country flags, with random one such as Ladonia.

Floodgap Gopher - Use Gopher. In 2022.

Handheld Underground - Random bootleg games for the Gameboy. Along with ROMs.

Zoomquilt - Infinite zoom.

z0r - A German website with Flash loops.

Talk with Transformer - Oh come on, rap doesn't get any worse than Trina. If you think so. Cause it doesn't. Not even her. Okay, enough with the Me Generation folks. One day I'll step aside, one day I'll not be a conformist. One day I'll walk a

Was Arrested - Louka was arrested!!

My Retro TVs - Watch classic programs.

Garfield Minus Garfield - YAAAAH!!! I CAN'T STAND THE NOISE!!!!

Omniglot - Learn things about languages, including Inuktitut.

OMG LASER GUNS PEW PEW PEW - A squirrel with a gun.

Is 2020 over? - You know what's the answer.

This Pizza Does Not Exist - Hey, I might try the best one.

What happened in my birth year? - It's in the title.

Elastic Man - Stretch the face of a guy from a certain popular adult American cartoon for Adult Swim.

Windows 98 icon viewer - Icons from Windows 98

Computer Pranks - I know it's old, but download programs to prank your friends. Back in 2000s, ha ha.

The First Banner Ad - Have you ever clicked this link right there?

info.cern.ch - The first ever website. Also the first ever Swiss website.

The Cutting Room Floor - Unused and removed content in video games.

Computer Stupidities - I'd like to buy the Internet. Do you know how much it is?

Akiyoshi's Illusion pages - Optical illusions. End of.

60's anime - Because fans of old anime aren't as toxic as the mainstream one.

Entrance - What's in the hole?

Orteil - A French guy who made experiment and games. You can tell he created a certain game with cookies (not Cookie Run, that was South Korean).

The Powder Toy - Play with sands, powders, humans and more.

Flash Game History - It's about Flash games. The end.

Ataxx !! - Variations of Ataxx and Hexxagon.

Before Mario - Before Nintendo has became one of the most important video game company, they made toys. Check these out.

Mine-Control - Interactive walls. I love it.

Country Generator - Generate a list of real countries, and fake countries.

Didn't Know I Wanted That - Holy shit. These products are unique.

Google Translate - Cyfieithwch eich iaith i'r iaith nad ydych yn ei siarad.

Pictures of Walls - MONEY SUCKS

Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator - Create your own map.

Can You Block It? - It looks like some sites hate Adblock.

Google - Search something that you would like. Wait...

Websites from Hell - Websites with shitty design.

Lost Media Wiki - Lost medias.

The GIF Pronunciation - Go to this website and you'll see.

Hey From The Future -

LMGTFY - People don't know what is something. They don't know Google. This website exist.

Drinkify - Don’t listen to Lemaitre alone. We suggest THE LEMAITRE. 8 oz. Beefeater Gin, Serve neat. Garnish with wedge of kiwi.

Fold and Cut - Have fun with papers.

I Love Jar Jar Binks - A fan page of one the best character in the entire Star Wars history.

You Wouldn't Steal A Website - Piracy, It's a Crime.

Idiotproof - Good Job

Oreo - Orerereorerererereoreooorereo (Okay; re is a white cream, and o is a chocolate cookie. Happy?)

kanye.rest - "I watch Bladerunner on repeat"

Interactive Google Doodles - Again, it's in the name. Sadly it's video shit now.

Michael Bach - Optical illusions. Again. End of.

Rock Paper Scissors 101 - Ever heard of this game? It has more hands in this one.

Iceberger - You draw an iceberg, and you can see how it float.

This Word Does Not Exist - Aircast: a broadcast of live programs or songs, typically live on television or broadcast abroad ("a nationwide aircast of 1,000 episodes")

Hammertime - STOP!

The Editing Room - Sometimes, people wanted to know what movie scripts was when it's different.

Generational Gaps in Music - Did you remember some of these?

Almost Pong - Play as a ball in Pong.

Language Squad - Wait, is he speaking FRENCH or SPANISH?

Windows AIDS - Trust me, it's my favorite Windows flash parody.

Wikipedia's Unusual articles - Weird. Just weird. Even for people who loved this site.

The greatest country to ever exist - Absolute legend.

The greatest album to ever exist - Also legend

Telebubby Fun Land - Before there was a rhythm game, there was this underrated gem. Warning: It might be anti.

Bomomo - Zis is le art.

foobar2000 - The best music player. Pretty much my digital jukebox.

Fake Doors - Which is the right one?!

FutureMe - Send an email. One year, you receive this. Is it?

Akinator - Guess a person, an animal or an object.

Grocery Lists - It's some grocery lists.

veadotube - Make your PNG/JPG/GIF image of a person talk. That's the PNGTubers who use it, but I used this to create some shorts with random characters.

The Worst Things For Sale - Some items can be unique, yes, but it fails.

Unclear Text - What's wrong? It's stupid guy came steal

Lumen - Too many DMCAs...

Neave.TV - The website with out of context clips that made me my day.

Neave.TV Wiki - My wiki. Well?

Bert is Evil - I... don't know what to say about this one. Umm...

Hyperhero - The reason I put this website is because it's available in Latin. WOOO-HOOO!!!

SculptGL - Make your own 3D monstrosities! Ew.

Simulator - Get a job.

Gifypet - Make a virtual pet game. Look at dat.

Pig Latin Translator - ellohay , iyay amyay oukalay ouchonmay , andyay i'myay ayay ataholictway .

Anti Limp Bizkit Site - People don't like LB, and this site exists.

Seinfield SUCKS! I Hate Seinfield! - Anti site of one of the best sitcom.

Catbox - A file hosting site. Before you're being apeshit, read the FAQ.

Lolwut - Yeah, some random shit.

PonyTube - YouTube, but ponies. Warning: some cringe and NSFW content there.

Winamp Skin Museum - It really wimp llama's ass.

Clippy-JS - It looks like you're creating a JS recreation of Clippy (or Clippit). Want some help?

theTravisty - Peelopalu says that the content are funny. And this is the website I was looking for.

WordCount - The most common words in English. REQUIRE FLASH.

Looptracks - Nothing to say about this one other than that it requires the flash.

Illegal Art - The copyright doesn't like you.

Hello in Every Way - The word "Hello" in every langugages and more. Hello!

Spank the Monkey - Bad, monkey, bad...

The Surrealist - You are the least naive gargoyle. Goodbye!

Food-Eating Battle Monkeys - Bonjourrrr, ya BEEF-EATING WEB MONKEYS.

BLAGGLE!!! - It's a... BLAGGLE!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Bring - A bring. Yay.

Ninjaflex - NINJA. FLEX.

ShayeSaintJohn - One of the weirdest website ever made.